The Concept
Many Universities are in major need of an app that helps people with mobility disabilities navigate through campus. That is what Accessibility does. The app allows users to find a specific building on campus, the best way to navigate to it, and the important factors found inside and outside the building (elevators, handicap bathrooms, ramps, automatic doors, etc.)
The Problem
For far too long people with mobility disabilities have been looked at and treated differently. They have been put in the minority category just like many others. Even at a University, where they pay thousands of dollars to attend, are ignored. This needs to stop. 
The Solution
I wanted to help make persons with mobility disabilities feel more included, through the use of this app. There would be no need to get up earlier than other people to plan out your commute to class, not having to worry if the building you need to get to is actually accessible through the use of a ramp, and most of all, making the user self sufficient like everyone else. 

Overall, I wanted this app to create a feeling of inclusion. Persons with mobility disabilities will now be able to navigate the campus worry-free and feeling like their welcome there.

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